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Beyond the Milky Way, by Aithal - 3 Stars

This is a science fiction and fantasy adventure which has a lot going for it but, sadly, it has also been compromised a little by forces which drag it back like unnecessary luggage. I’ll try to explain. The best elements of this novel are the imaginative interludes on a strange planet, the world building and unusually sustainable plan for future society, the science fiction architecture of mushroom-like habitations that rise out of reach when the twin moons flood the land, the use of hoverpods and the concept of brability. With caveats, I have to acknowledge the by now traditional use of science fiction as a vehicle to force introspection in us; to make us re-evaluate what we are doing to the world, our mistakes and where we are going. That is science fiction’s job, absolutely, but the message has to be approachable and subtle as preaching openly tends to put readers off. One of the arguably good or bad elements of this novel must be the information dump at the beginning. I quite like i…

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