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Reading and reviewing soon

I'm so sorry but as of 17th April I've closed my submissions email address because I can't find spare time to write reviews and yet requests keep coming in. I've read all of the following and will dutifully complete reviews in the next couple of months: Obsidian Worlds, Alien Storm, The Future Chronicles, Project Bodi, Hygge The Danish Art of Happiness, The Split; and Eclipse.

This is the 2018 review waiting list, which I will get to this year but can't say when:
Tranceworks, Rapture, The Whymsyless Tale of Firstname Lastname, Buying Illegal Bugs With Bitcoin, Earth-net, Five Days that Shocked the World, Royal Rebel, The Future I'm Given, Gil's World, I am a Failure, Tenga, Animals of the Carnival, 10202040 The Dream Dialogues, Aliens Tequila & Us, Thalassa, AndroGigm Park 2067, A-Void (and a couple of others).

I will then probably close this blog and quit reviewing because I can't keep up.

Reviews can also be seen in these places:…

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