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Matters Arising From the Identification of the Body, by Simon Petrie - 3 Stars

The Cosmic Bullet, by Andrew C. Broderick - 4 Stars

Hemisphere - The Head Employee Precedent, by A.V. Osten - 3 Stars

The Renewal, by Zen Di Pietro - 3.5 Stars

Terraforming Earth Phase 1, by Dean C. Moore - 4 Stars

Reading and reviewing soon

The Mirror in my Dorm Room, by Lashonda Beauregard - 3 Stars

Trust in Axion, by Bruce Meyer - 4 Stars

Drone Man, by Andrew C. Broderick - 3 Stars

Inevitable Ascension, by V.K. McAllister - 4 Stars

Philia, by Seth Ross - 3 Stars

Transmit, by Craig Lea Gordon (short story) - 4 Stars

Take Your Bean, by Angela Kubinec - 3 Stars

Special Agent Mauve, Mission: Naughty Horace, by J.B. Trepagnier - 3 Stars

The Wapping Group of Artists: Sixty Years of Painting on the Thames - 3 Stars

The Twisted Galaxy, by Michael L. Lewis - 4 Stars

Bulwark, by Brit Lunden (Radish format) - 5 Stars