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Reading and reviewing soon

The Twisted Galaxy, by Michael L. Lewis - 4 Stars

Bulwark, by Brit Lunden (Radish format) - 5 Stars

Shrugg 1 Mile, by G.A. Schindler - 4 Stars

How to Remove a Brain, by David Haviland - 4 Stars

J.O.E. Just an Ordinary Earthling, by Edward Szynalski - 4 Stars

A Moment in Sci-Fi, by D. Pierce Williams

Bitter Lemmings, by Tom Holt - 3 Stars

The Wolfe Experiment, by R.W. Adams - 5 Stars

Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone and the Clockwork Suitor, by L.C. Mawson - 3.5 Stars

The Happy Chip, by Dennis Meredith - 4 Stars

The Perihelion, by D.M. Wozniak - 5 Stars

Bernie and the Wizards, by Steve LeBel - 4 Stars

Sex Demon, by Kat Cotton - 3.5 Stars