A Moment in Sci-Fi, a short scene by A.K. Stone

Hi everyone. For your reading pleasure, indie author A.K. Stone has graciously provided a short extract of his book "Adam" to be the very first in this blog's new "A Moment in Sci-Fi" series. I hope you like it.

At the end of the ward where the droid and doctor had come from, a man stood, watching. He wore a dark overcoat and suit with an old-fashioned hat, such that even in the bright light of the nurses’ desk area, he still looked shaded. He glanced down at something he was holding in his hand; a palm-sized device with a readout display. He raised one eyebrow. The doctor and nurse-droid quietly left the ward. When the man saw them returning in his direction, he coolly retreated and sat in the waiting area.
The doctor walked up to him.
‘You got here fast,’ she said disapprovingly, ‘He isn’t ready to see you today, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.’ The man remained silent. ‘You can wait here if you want,’ Dr. Nustom continued, ‘but if you step into that ward, I’ll have you arrested.’
The man smiled. He liked this doctor. She probably knew how hard it would be to get him arrested. Her protectiveness of Adam was…comforting. He put up both hands in a placating gesture of surrender, then back down again, still smiling. The doctor left the waiting area, instructing the men in the security room to keep an eye out for Adam, and especially, on the man.
The dark man stayed there, looking at his little sensor machine, making notes on the touch pad. After half an hour, a red light began to flash at the top of the machine. The man raised both his eyebrows, and glanced towards Adam. He took some further readings, smiled, and nodded to himself.
‘Fascinating,’ said the man, so quietly that no one else could hear him, ‘How extraordinarily fascinating.’

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