Reading and reviewing soon

I'm catching up with the backlog so will open up my submissions email address again soon.

I've just finished One of Life's Great Secrets, The Spiderwick Chronicles and Thalassa - the world beneath the waves, so will review those when I can. I'm currently reading the very odd Animals of the Carnival (not even listed on Goodreads - am I imagining this?) and I'm also writing a few things of my own (agents, please form an orderly queue).

This is the 2018 review waiting list, which I will get to in June and July:
AndroGigm Park 2067, Tales from the Rift, The Human Dilemma, Astral Fall, D.M. Wozniak's prequel to The Perihelion (which I read earlier) and Tranceworks.

I will probably leave this blog visible but not update it often.

Reviews can also be seen in these places:


  1. Honestly Faith, I don't know how you juggle school, copy editing, and book reviews. But, I hope you manage to keep up the good work. I enjoy the thoroughness of your reviews and look forward to following your take on the latest indie sci-fi through 2017. Feel free to drop a line on my webpage at anytime. Take care!

  2. Absurd! Just because you didn't pay Amazon for the book doesn't mean the review needs to be considered suspect. There are other places to buy books, and there are libraries from which to borrow as well.

    I hope they turn your reviews back on and that you keep up the good fight!

    1. Thanks Michael. Amazon have also deleted all the reviews where I did pay for the book! I will be going to independent bookshops in future.


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