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Implanted, by Lauren C. Teffeau - 5 Stars

You don’t need to imagine a science fiction future where information is such a valuable resource that it has to be encrypted to move it safely between A and B, as that’s what we have now. You also don’t need to imagine that corporate espionage and hackers might be after their rivals’ trade secrets and will go to any lengths to get them. However, in a world where all communications channels can be intercepted and there are infrastructure blackspots that cables won’t provide a service to, the science fiction next step is a city where a service exists to transport information encrypted and injected into people, athletic and smart couriers.

To set a context, the city the author has based the action in is an urban dystopia. There’s a class system which builds a lot of resentment (reminds me of the film Demolition Man) and the people are all trapped for generations with their overcrowding, jealousies, tech-crime and self-interested governors because the outside world has a climate so poor th…

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