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Lockheed Elite, by Tyler Wandschneider - 3 Stars

Lockheed Elite is a tough guys in space adventure with a smart cover and all the associated fighting and beer bottle bravado that goes with that style. Replacement crew members try out in the pub. There’s a woman who wants to make the team, who happen to be a non-military salvage crew, so she squares up her jaw and passes the minimum acceptable level of brawniness. All in all, the group is like a bunch of builders or a professional wrecking crew on Earth, except they deal in scrapping space ships. It’s their lucky days because they’ve got a tip-off, heads up and off to the next floating prize – but, like a crow when the vultures turn up, can they hang on to it?
There’s a big brother element to all of this as Galactic Command apparently run the Galaxy (can they really be everywhere?) and their representatives seem to follow their own complex agenda, which involves hijacking people’s lives and commercial missions, then using threats to life as an incentive to redirect them (is there no l…

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