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Reading and reviewing soon

Unidentified thingees in Earth orbit on a satellite image (rings added)

Like most people, I have never seen a UFO before but would absolutely love to (reading four hundred sci-fi books has that effect), so am becoming more aware of the up and this week I've begun staring into the sun like a meerkat on a semi-daily basis (neatly introducing my obsessive personality). This may mean I walk into a few bike racks, telegraph poles and occasionally get run over or drop down a maintenance hole, but at least when you find yourself on a stretcher you are looking up, so spare a thought for the vestigial remnants and next generation of the experience-seeking community out there who will do anything for their fix of one inexplicable random dot in a wide, black sky. If I ever see my little piece of mystery, that gyrating silver question mark that symbolises everything we don't understand, I will write it up here but until then... Keep the Faith.
I've finished reading but have not yet revi…

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